FM Server: Support Multiple Domains: 1 Domain/Certificate Per File

Idea created by chaseholden on Apr 11, 2017
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    Please Support Multiple Domain-Certificates on Filemaker Server (up to 1 certificate per file)




    1. It's Severely Restrictive to Limit FMServer to a Single Domain.


    2. Since it's capable of running multiple files, it makes no sense that each file can't have it's own Domain Name and Certificate to secure each.


    3. Further, it would be overkill, pointless, and financially unfeasible to require users to buy 1 Mac and 1 copy of FM Server for each individual file hosted, just because each has its own Domain Name address.


    Example of Using 3 SSL Certificates Residing on Single Filemaker Server:
 > TempRentals.fmp12
 > TravelAdvisory.fmp12
 > RoadTripSocial.fmp12


    This way you can maintain all three with a single FMServer license on a single Mac, where DNS resolves to each file individually.


    IF YOU AGREE, PLEASE POST HERE: Company | FileMaker