Slide Objects in Browse Mode

Idea created by user28187 on Apr 24, 2017

    One of my layouts for a machine shop is very wide -- it extends off the screen when opened on a laptop screen requiring the user to scroll quite a bit. Reducing the view size (Zoom Out) is not an option.


    Occasionally there are groups of fields in the main portal that the manufacturer would like to hide when they are not needed for a customers estimate. The problem is that hiding them leaves an empty space between the fields that are left showing.


    This is where the Slide feature comes in handy -- to fill in the empty space left by the hidden fields. In the first screen shot below four fields for welding steps are hidden which leaves a very wide gap between FIN MILLING and PROG. With a SLIDE feature--slide left in this example--that gap can be closed. True that pressing the TAB key will move the entry point to the next filed, but the layout is not aesthetically pleasing with a big empty space in the portal.


    Fields Hidden:                                                                                                Simulated Slide Left:

    HiddenWeld.tiff     SlideLeft.tiff