Disconnecting users SAFELY using FM Server Console

Idea created by dermot on Apr 28, 2017

    "If I ever have to reboot the clients FM Server instance I always ensure that I ask users to log out first, then check in the stats window on the FM Server console to ensure anyone who hasn't logged out (and there are always some) are not running any processes .. and if I see no activity I simply disconnect the remaining users and then stop the Filemaker Server services ... and reboot.."


    Wouldn't it be a good idea if, within the filemaker console, you had the ability to, not just force users to disconnect, but to "SAFELY" stop users triggering any new processes and close them out as soon as their current process (whatever it might be) has completed .. this way you know you are not disconnecting users in the middle of a process so you CANT cause any damage...

    And you would obviously be able to see the status of users being logged out within the console so once you see everyone is out you can safely turn the FM services off ...


    That would save developers and customers so much time and worry its unreal .... Im fed up guessing (hoping - by looking at the clients stats within fm console) that users are not performing any tasks when I force disconnect ... its a constant worry !!