Make coding errors visible (Make Wrong Code LOOK wrong)

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on May 3, 2017



    Invisible errors are bad news.


    There are (too) many places within FileMaker where code, important information and potential errors are 'hidden' below the surface.


    Developers must be able to SEE errors in code, otherwise…


    • errors can go unnoticed,
    • errors can get thru into deployed solutions and
    • this ultimately negatively impacts both developer + enduser experience, and FileMaker's standing.


    (For a great read see the inspiring article Making Wrong Code Look Wrong by top world programmer Joel Spolsky, CEO and co-founder of Stack Overflow.)




    • Make coding errors more visible.


    There is always a balance to be found between slick + detailed; I believe adopting this paradigm should help in finding the right balance.


    For example, many of the ideas found on this forum are based on this premise.



    ...and there are probably more.





    • Errors can and will be identified quicker
      • => Less bugs
      • => Higher code quality
      • => Less Maintenance
    • Increased trust in FM Platform


    Use Cases


    • FileMaking
    • See linked ideas