Chart Error Bars and improved Chart Axis control

Idea created by 34South on May 8, 2017
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    Although one can easily interface numerous statistical packages with FM to produce more technical charts, in the scientific and medical environments, being able to display standard deviation bars on bar charts (also on line charts) within the application would add substantial power to the charting module. Standard deviation is already built in as a summary function, although others such as confidence intervals would be most welcome. Simple bar charts are pretty meaningless in science unless one gets an idea of the variance of the data through the ability to display error bars.


    Additionally, although one can set the minima and maxima of the Y-axis via calculations, the tick settings are static and the auto option frequently produces undesired results. For example, if one is charting patient count on the Y-axis and those values are fairly low, FM will elect to show fractions (1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, etc.) which are inappropriate for ordinal data (one can't have 1.5 patients).


    Although FMs introduction of charting was a major step up, improving the functionality of charts would give greater exposure to FM in the scientific (life sciences and engineering) and medical communities. The XMChart® plugin gave one a taste of that possibility. Hopefully FM can aspire to that bench mark.