Remove Filemaker Server Web Gui, because it's unreliable

Idea created by Vincent_L on May 9, 2017



    This is obviously a provocative post, but given the fact that it has been known for years that this Web GUI is very often out of sync,


    As shown here

    When FMS Web GUI will finally be in Sync, and be reliable ?


    and that FMI doesn't care one bit about it, I feel that in order to protect innocent trustful users, the community would be better served with the command line only fmsadmin, which seems to be (more?) reliable.


    We're in the same situation as if the fuel level meter would block itself from times to times on a car dashboard. Of course in the car industry that wouldn't last for long.


    Of course the solution, is that FMI gets it's acts together, and make impossible the web gui to be out of sync (like it should always have been), but of course one can dream…