Currency>  Allow variables to be Set in Data Formatting Section of Inspector

Idea created by richardcarlton on May 13, 2017

    Summary:  Instead of Hardcoding specific currencies into the Data Formatting section of the Inspector... allow GLOBAL variables to be set as the currency.


    Problem:  Building Professional Custom Apps... and shipping them to customers world wide in multi-currencies,  is painful, and OLD school.   Each currency for each field, on each layout, must to be manually adjusted for the correct currency.


    Current Hack:  People will try to use Global fields, to put the currency symbol on the layout.  This might seem like a good idea, but as the leader in providing free starter solutions, I can tell you this is painful, and does not provide the needed level of professional look and feel... needed for a Custom Application.  


    Scenerio 1:  Developer Builds Solution.   Changing the solution to use British Pounds, or Euros, takes DAYS of work to manually convert each number field, on each layout and on every report.


    Scenerio 2:  FileMaker's Own starter solutions either have NO-currency... or are manually intensive... to localize for each region.  Savings to FMI Inc would be measurable as well.


    Ideal Fix:  Allow Global Variables to be set to display the currency.  Then the Globals are set in the startup script or otherwise changed by the developer in a dialog.