Please adopt a 'prohibit regression' policy

Idea created by Fred(CH) on May 15, 2017

    In the past, the evolution of the FileMaker products was (almost) always meaning having more features, and existing features were generally preserved.


    Since FileMaker 14 and the acceleration of major release rhythm, each one is bringing its set of lost features, which is obscuring the attraction of the  new release and its benefits.


    Some examples i reported (not exhaustive) :

    Windows based variables BROKEN

    Faulty storage of the Font when applying bold style with FM UI

    BOMs : different behavior on hosted files with v14

    Display new script on Scripts menu preference ignored


    Then, the TS personal have no other choice to ask you to post a new idea in this section in order to retrieve (very unlikely) the feature you just lost.


    In conclusion, my idea is than FMI development should adopt a new policy to avoid this common situation. If a feature is still relevant and not out of age, it have to be prioritary against future feature projects.


    Exemple : If a future feature project cannot be accomplished without removing another existing feature, this project have to be place in pending state, until another solution is found.


    Why ? Because FileMaker is like a Development Plateform, not just a software, and breaking a feature can breake thousand of solutions where the developer who is responsible for all its own customers RELIES on the plateform.