Clarity in FileMaker Datatypes

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on May 15, 2017



    We have recently seen an increasing number of incorrect or unclear usage of data types in the FIleMaker interface + documentation - where seemingly everything is being treated as text. While everything CAN be represented as text, it is necessary to call a number a number.







    FileMaker has very clear data types, and supplies ample functions for type-casting data to the desired data type (GetAsNumber, etc.)


    It would help if FMI would



    In keeping with this idea, it would also be very helpful to





    • Clarity in data types.
    • Generally a better understanding of data types among users, developers and FMI staff
    • Avoidance of errors due to wrong data types
    • Easily query the data type of an object
    • Avoid complicated workarounds
    • Greater productivity.


    Use Cases


    • See the individual ideas




    Please add to this list, if you can, Tx


    MrWatson (data type = RealPerson)