Advanced features for window "Layout Objects"

Idea created by arnoldkegebein on May 16, 2017

    I love the new window "Layout Objects", that shows me all layout objects in a hierarchical list. If the object has an object name, that name is displayed, otherwise the object type and for fields additional the field name. It is great that I can select an object in this list and access the Conditional Format dialog or Set script triggers, create or rename an object name, …


    Product Idea 1:

    Fields without an object name are shown in the form object type (field name), e.g. "Edit Box (Task Name)", and portals will show the related table in brackets like "Portal (Tasks)". But as soon I apply an object name, the additional information is gone. Instead of showing "myObjectName (Task Name)" or "myObjectName | Edit Box (Task Name)", the list will display the object simply as "myObjectName".


    I wish, at least the field name / portal table name is added in brackets to the object name.


    Product Idea 2:

    You can drag-n-drop objects in the list to rearrange to order of these objects. I thought that will solve the trouble I sometimes have to place an object inside a portal. Okay, I admit, the object list will tell me, if the dropped object is now inside the portal object. Similar with popovers.


    I wish I could use the Object List to drag an object and drop it over a portal or popover and FileMaker would place this object now inside the portal/popover.