Header should default to being visible in Table view

Idea created by skirge on May 16, 2017
    • skirge

    Having a table view without a header is basically useless.


    When importing a spreadsheet or creating a new layout with a table view the first thing I always want to do in table view is two things:


    1. Put text in the header indicating what the data is.

    2. Put a navigation button up there to take me to another layout


    Instead of having this as a default I have to go through the following steps:


    1. Go to layout mode

    2. To the Layout menu and select Layout set up

    3. Click the Views tab

    4. Click the Properties button

    6. Click Header check box

    7. Hit Ok

    8. Hit Ok again


    You can skip a step by right clicking the header then going to layout setup but this should be unnecessary to begin with.

    Additionally it would be great to be able to right click on the header in layout mode to turn the header on and off in table view, even though I would never turn it off. It should be on by default for any newly created layout as well.