Please Cancel Runtime Sabotage

Idea created by Fred(CH) on May 16, 2017

    Since FileMaker 16, we have seen that ALL new calc functions are blocked in FileMaker Runtime.


    OK it was deprecated years ago... However, we guess that things have not to be developed two times. Even if FileMaker PRO does not let us re-use our code as easily as we would like because of its file structure, sure the FMP code itself is just reused for the Runtime and not written two times nor even imported in another project...


    So, that new way to sabot Runtime seem to be a kinda compromise :


    Since the STRONG reaction of developers when FileMaker 14 announced the Runtime deprecation, FMI is not urged to remove (and so to develop an alternative) as they let us hope in their communication here : .


    However, in FileMaker 16, they for instance are just blocking ALL the new calc function as UniqueValues function, that is imho the better example because this function sounds great and will save a lot of time for the developer -- nothing to do with the enduser activity.


    So if you continue to sell runtimes solution, you will not benefit from this time(s) saver(s) during your development and it just seem a way to constraint you to give up the Runtime or with a point of vue more negative, to punish you. More negative ? Your are banned.


    That is really not correct imho and it is the reason why i beg FMI to be more cautious about their decisions and concerning their developers who relies on them.


    That is the idea.