Print from container support from script step

Idea created by dfmorgan on May 18, 2017

    Print PDFs in containers on active record via script (without user input).


    I have a hosted solution (with FM Pro clients) that calls a logistics API and inserts a returned PDF (shipping label) into a container. The solution is required to print this without user input.

    Currently the container field contents (pdf) is then exported to a folder using 'export field contents', and the solution uses a 'send event' step to the command line  to call on a 3rd party PDF reader to print the file.

    This is quite clumsy, not robust and requires the 3rd party software to be installed in the same location in each user terminal.


    A 'print from container field' step would be a great complement to the new integration options in FM16 and really support a larger range of potential web service use cases.