table extension -- better UI / data separation (similar to shadow tables)

Idea created by robertnaud on May 21, 2017
    • mark_scott
    • bjarra
    • robertnaud

    For a table occurrence tied to a table from another file, allow the creation of a table extension (think of it as a shadow table for a filemaker table instead of a SQL table).


    In the table extension, you cannot add data fields, but you can add:

    • global fields
    • calculation fields (only unstored ones)
    • summary fields


    in the UI file, the relationship graph can use fields from both the source table and the table extension


    This would make it easier for those using a separation model to update their UI file without having to update their data file (there are often times where a data file must be updated because a calculation field was added for UI purposes and not alterations were made from the data structure point of view)