"Insert [audio/video|file|PDF|picture]" to be made PSOS and Serverscript compatible

Idea created by CarstenLevin on May 31, 2017


    Now the server can create PDF's and it can also be achieved by PSOS. In many case the PDF is very important in the exact form it is created, for documentation, and need to be stored in the solution in a container field. It would be great if Insert [audio/video|file|PDF|picture] was made server compatible. Of course without dialog.




    With FileMaker 16 we can get rid of extra robots for creating PDF's. But this is probably the missing link that will keep some robots alive.


    Use cases

    Creating and sending documents of juridical importance that must be "frozen" and kept as "originals" for documentation. The simple example could be invoices, quotations. But many FileMaker solutions work with documents that are much more critical than that.



    It should perhaps also be considered when the next version of the data API/REST will hopefully support calling scripts and supporting container fields.

    And it is also highly useful when using CWP/PHP which are already supporting calling scripts on the server.


    We love FileMaker 16!!!!!!!!




    Ps. Please also see this discussion PSOE and ServerScript: Insert newly created PDF in Containerfield (fms16)