Ability to hide individual tabs in a tab control

Idea created by scottworld on Jun 2, 2017

    We would really love the ability to conditionally hide individual tabs in a tab control.


    Currently, we can only hide the ENTIRE TAB CONTROL itself, but we can't hide individual tabs.


    We realize that there are several different "workarounds" to this problem. One popular workaround is to use button bars + sliding panels + blank sliding panels + Go To Object script steps. But all of the workarounds are laborious, very fragile, and they can't even be made to look cosmetically perfect (like tab controls actually look).


    Tab controls is a great example of one of those AMAZING FileMaker features that is introduced into the product... but then is left to languish in the dark because it is never evolved in future versions of the product, and is never fully updated to take advantage of any new features in the product line.


    It would really be great for us and our clients if we could hide individual tabs.