Heads-Up Display (HUD) Window Style

Idea created by mark_scott on Jun 3, 2017

    Thanks, FMI, for the Card window style, which is already ushering in a new era in modular application architecture for FileMaker!


    Another window style for the New Window script step that I believe would be a fantastic addition to the designer’s toolbox would be a Heads-Up Display. (For anyone not familiar with the term, FileMaker’s own Button Setup and Field Picker windows are examples of HUDs.)


    Characteristics of this window style would be:


    Nonmodal, floating (always on top) styleSimilar to Floating Document style (but see next note)
    Single click changes window focus and activates clicked object

    Floating Document windows require two clicks: one to change window focus and a second to activate a button or enter a field control, pretty much killing their utility as inspectors, pickers, etc.!

    The single-click focus-and-activate would operate both directions between the HUD window and background window.

    Minimal chromeMini title bar and (X) close widget, like native HUDs; window draggable via title bar
    Native “HUD” appearance by defaultIncluding rounded corners


    Nice to Have
    Editable corner rounding
    Editable background and title-bar color
    Editable transparency and/or blurring of objects behind


    Benefits:  Like card-style windows, the fact that it’s a window, with its own context (even an external file!), would advance the goals of (1) reusable layout parts within an application; and (2) greater modularization and sharing of widgets and functionality.


    Use cases:  pickers, navigation palettes, modular widgets, movable custom toolbars, inspectors, etc.