GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "TableName::FieldName" ; … )

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Jun 7, 2017
    • Hemant Kumar Patel
    • Benjamin Fehr
    • hbrendel
    • arnoldkegebein
    • mrwatson-gbs
    • Markus Schneider



    It should be possible to specify field objects by TableName::FieldName (i.e. their fully qualified field name).


    The referenced object should be identified in a two step process:


    1. First match on layout object name
    2. If that fails match on field name


    Thus an object named "MyTable::MyField" will be referenced before Field MyTable::MyField.




    • Brings function in line with the new Layout Objects window
    • No need to give fields redundant object names (only needed when field is duplicated on a layout)
    • Greater productivity
    • Easier to maintain
    • More modular due to less redundant code dependency


    Use Case


    • Getting bounds of fields in order to place Card Windows
    • Specifying plugin drag drop areas.