GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( … ; "CurrentBounds" )

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Jun 7, 2017
    • Magnus Fransson
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    • Johan Hedman
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    • mrwatson-gbs



    "Bounds" only returns the static bounds of the object, as shown in layout mode, which ignores the stretching + movement which occurs due to anchoring.


    In most(*) cases this is pretty useless.


    We need the ability to get the dynamic bounds of a field which it currently has based on window size, anchoring, etc.


    (*) indeed in all cases except standard top-left anchoring!




    • We can place Card windows exactly over layout objects
    • Better UX
    • No need for the half-hearted attempts to TRY and calculate the dynamic bounds, which always suffer from rendering differences of windows across OSes
    • Greater productivity


    Use Cases


    • Exact Card Window placement
    • Plugin drag drop area definition