Suggestion:  Signature entry screen updates

Idea created by steveoh on Jun 8, 2017
    • steveoh
    • jbante

    I was watching the Webinar yesterday as I missed it when it transpired and there was a lot of great updates to look forward to!  Of these, I was particularly interested in the updates made to the signature capture function.  I would recommend a possible additional change be made that could help with preventing user error/clumsiness.


    In future updates it would be nice if there was a protected region around the buttons in the signature capture screen.  Presently, we have a lot of trouble with customers clumsily tapping near the Accept button and leaving a mark.  This is not really a major deal as it does not break anything, but it often scales down the signature and looks unprofessional on signed paperwork.


    It might be nice to modify how big said protected area is, to have an option to resize them, or to have the buttons cut off entirely from them via a top bar.  I'm honestly not sure what the best way to accomplish this might be, but it's a common one among our customers and thought other people might agree with me or have had a similar experience.