More tab control in Script Workspace

Idea created by scottworld on Jun 8, 2017
    • Magnus Fransson
    • fitch
    • scottworld
    • Johan Hedman
    • jbante

    It's great that FileMaker 16 made the conscious effort to make the tabs in Script Workspace act more like Safari! Now we can move the tabs around the tab bar wherever we want them!


    But we actually need a little more control over the tabs:


    1. When opening a tab in a new window, we need a quick way to move this window back into the normal tab bar again. In Safari, this is accomplished by simply dragging the window into the tab bar. Would be great to have the same functionality in FileMaker. Without this functionality, we're required to (a) close the window, (b) find the script in the left margin again, (c) double-click on the script again.


    2. And speaking of being forced to find the script in the left margin again, another thing that would be extremely useful for us would be this: When working with a script in its own window, it would be great if there was a command to "select this script in the scripts pane [i.e. the left margin]". We have this ability when a script is in the tab bar, but then we suddenly lose this ability once a script is in its own window. So we are forced to search for that script in the left margin again. Would be great if ALL the functions that are available to us in the tab bar would ALSO be available to us when working with a script in its own window.