Server Admin Console - Display Account Name

Idea created by DLarsen on Jun 13, 2017
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    Currently the FM16 Server Admin console displays the User Name more prominently than the Account Name in all places. Often the account name can only be seen by drilling in, but this isn't always the case. For instance the Statistics section of the admin console only shows user Name, nothing else.


    I suspect this isn't a problem for most single site deployments that use native FM security because the IT staff likely deploys the software manually and can enter the user's name at the time of installation.


    In larger deployments the installation can be done using software deployment tools, along with FM's Assisted Install, which means the the user name may not get set properly.  The user name can end up being "Windows User" for every workstation. This makes it difficult and sometimes impossible to determine who is who.  Right now I'm staring at a list of ~50 current users, all named "Windows User".


    When setting up the server i'd like the ability to have the columns display either the Account Name or the User Name.