Implement a Get ( ObjectState ) Function

Idea created by richardsrussell on Jun 12, 2017
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    FileMaker knows internally what state an object is in. It's one of the ones from this list, and these are the possibilities:


    Object States.jpeg


    But how do we, the developers and users, know what state a particular object is in? We don't have a function that tells us. And it would be useful for building script triggers and conditional formatting.


    For instance, I'm working on a process that requires a variety of steps to be completed, and each step appears on its own tab within a tab panel. I want to signal the extent of progress using stop-light colors, red, yellow, and green. If a particular step hasn't even been started yet, I want its tab to be pink if active or crimson if inactive. If it's partly finished, I want it to be daffodil if active or ochre if inactive. And if all the necessary info has been filled in, I want it to be mint if active and evergreen if inactive. Like this:


    Object States.jpeg

    But if I apply normal conditional formatting, it overrides the program's awareness that the panel is inactive. Therefore I humbly request that FileMaker Inc. supply us with a Get ( ObjectState ) function.