Native Zapier support for FileMaker Data API

Idea created by macgurunc on Jun 19, 2017

    There is a very healthy API economy and dozens of web services that can play nicely together. One of the best tools to make web services interwork is Zapier. Although there are manual workarounds to support integrating FMP with web services (Insert from URL coming from FMP) via Web Hooks, a truly native REST-based integration via Zapier would open up far more choices for solutions that at their core run on FMP but need to receive inputs via triggers from other sources (without need for CWP or FMGo, PHP API etc.). The simplest example would be integrating survey results from web-based forms like JotForm into FMP where the data can then be managed, dashboarded etc. A native solution from FMI would go a long way to opening FMP to the API economy.