Filterable Value Lists when using records

Idea created by BrianHebert1525 on Jun 21, 2017
    • BrianHebert1525
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    I know in sql you can filter a relationship that says give me all records where blank = blank and blank = blank, etc.


    Right now I use records that are active or inactive for a value list. In order to filter the records used in the value list, I have to create another field with calculation that says if field(Active) = 1 then equal to value( i.e. Name or basically the main display value), else blank. This filters the list to records that have a value in the calculation ( assuming I using the record id and main values as the two fields for the list ). This gives me all active records (which = 1).


    However, it would be nice if I didn't have to setup the extra calculation field. Instead, when setting up the value list to use records from a table, I would like to use a calculation to state where all records have this field that equals this value. It would be a great time saver and add a great deal of granularity and flexibility to the value list.


    Also, it would also be great if I could sort the list based on the field value in that record in the table (or related table). I'm able to do this when querying for the web client and creating a dropdown. Would be great if I could set the sort of the value list to a field (or related table field value) value.


    For instance, status of a project is setup in a table. Each status has an ID and a value. I don't want the statuses sorting by alphanumeric value of the second field (i.e., Start & Finish would sort Finish, Start) when I'm showing only the second field value. Instead, I have a sort numeric field I'd like to use so I can control how the list sorts.