FMPA: Copy to XML & Paste from XML (e.g. for easy deployment)

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Jun 26, 2017



    In FMP Advanced: Two new Edit menu items (+ steps) to Copy and Paste directly between FileMaker and FileMaker's fmxmlsnippet XML*:


    • Copy to XML
    • Paste from XML


    This would make it possible to transfer code between two computers so very easily!


    For example, once you have opened a connection to a customer's remote computer (using RDC, ARD, VNC, TeamViewer or whatever your favorite remote tool is), you could deploy code in two simple steps:


    1. Select objects in FileMaker on your local computer and perform "Copy to XML"
    2. Click on the remote FileMaker and perform "Paste from XML"


    So long as the connection tool is synchronizing the text clipboard, you need do no more.


    * Note: An <fmxmlsnippet> is FileMaker's XML-representation of objects on the clipboard, and it is currently only possible with external tools, plugins or AppleScript to convert between FileMaker Clipboard objects and XML.




    • FAR easier deployment FileMaker code &/ patches to/from a remote computer (via clipboard)
    • No need for plugins and external tools
    • Greater productivity
    • Analysis and/or generation of objects made possible


    Use Cases


    • Deployment  (currently concern #1 in the Ideas list)
    • Copy Code + Patches to deployed solutions - using ANY connection system that supports synchronization of the Text Clipboard.
    • Generate Code dynamically from & for your solution
    • Store FM-Code Snippets / Create standardized code
    • Edit / find & replace your code in an external text editor
    • Anaylse your code
    • Automate code analysis or creation





    Keyboard shortcuts? (On Mac you could apply your own via OS, but probably it would be good to have the SAME keys on Mac and Win)