Configurable Native Progress Dialogs

Idea created by bigtom on Jun 27, 2017

    This is maybe a step in a similar direction as the Ability to create Progress Dialogs  as presented by vince.menanno, but a little different.


    There are a number of unsightly progress dialogs across all FM platforms. These include things like the Insert from URL data transfer dialog or the Find in Progress dialog. They often confuse the user. For example using Insert from URL, you may connect to a web service via a button for "Refresh" that will pull in updated values of whatever data you need. The connection may be slow and then the user has to see a confusing progress dialog talking about a URL data transfer. It would be great to have the option to set the dialog text by script. In this case "Synchronizing Data with Server." would be a better indication of what is going on.


    Things I would seriously expect to have:

    • Set new file default text for all native progress dialogs.
    • Ability to override with custom dialog text as an option at the  script step level on steps like Perform Find or Insert From URL.
    • Ability to manually configure the timeout for these dialogs to display at all.


    Nice to have:

    • Ability to suppress the native dialog altogether and replace it with a custom card window, floating window or something similar.