no more double shortcuts

Idea created by Markus Schneider on Jun 27, 2017
    • Magnus Fransson
    • Benjamin Fehr
    • furzua
    • jbante
    • Markus Schneider

    I posted this in the issues-section and was asked to write a feature request - so, here we go


    I personally still treat this as an issue, a bug:

    ctrl-r on Windows resp. cmd-r on manOS is used for different actions (at least on a german system)

    - redefine the last search when focus is on a database window in browse mode

    - run current script when focus is on a script-/scriptworkspace window


    Problem: On todays OS, it's hard to recognize the active window, so You got a script window open and You do a search for getting a selection for testing a script. You can tap on the touchbar (I personally deactivate this, but one can work on a foreign machine..) click the mouse while in discussion or whatever - and the focus is on the scriptwindow. Then, You realize that You got too many records, hit cmd-r to redefine the search - boom.... all records altered, maybe deleted


    IMHO we got a bug, an issue, when there is the risk of data loss, unwanted data manipulation -> what is the case here. The issue was introduced with the scriptworkspace, is similar to switching brake and throttle in a new car-model... I personally would disable cmd-r in the script workspace, everyone works in browse mode, but not everyone is in the scriptworkspace...