Allow printing of a 2-page form horizontally displayed on a layout

Idea created by PeterChen on Jun 29, 2017
    • Magnus Fransson

    Currently, to print a 2-page A4-size form horizontally is not possible.



    I have to re-arrange the forms vertically with one form on top of the other on another layout to print, while the Layout to enter data is maintained.


    This is a hassle and could result in redundancy should I need to do an update on any field on one Layout and forget the other.


    Moreover, while the borders of fields could display on Browse and Preview mode, when printed they are not there.


    One temporary method to resolve this which I read from another user is to  UNCHECK the "Delineate fields in current record only" on the Layout Setup.


    This is a big hassle as I have more than 10 forms lying on multiple layouts to print with the click of a button. Having to remember to go to every Layout to UNcheck the "Delineate fields in current record only" on the LayoutSetup  is a mammoth task. Isn't there a "Delineate fields in ALL records" on all Layouts to UNcheck? or kindly implement a convenient method to resolve this printing issue.