Add Client Version column to Access.log file

Idea created by tcfitzgerald on Jun 29, 2017
    • Magnus Fransson
    • jbante
    • tcfitzgerald

    Currently, my group is not in charge of client installs at our site, so we have a wide variety of versions installed.  When working on an upgrade / update (like from 14 to 16), I need to parse the log files to see who is using what client so I can tell their IT support personnel, "Hey, I need you to upgrade client X to version 14.0.6", etc.


    In the current Access.log format Client Version is only available in a line like this:


    Client "theuser" opening a connection from "PC1 (" using "Pro 14.0.4 [fmapp]".


    Which is better than nothing, but not as useful as it could be.  It would be great if the Access.log file had a column for "Client Version" so that it is captured on every line, like this:


    DateTypeClient VersionEvent
    2017-06-29 08:01:34.336 -0500 InformationPro 14.0.4 [fmapp]94FileMaker-Server Client "theuser (PC1) []" opening database "Database" as "theuser".