Specify a range of characters

Idea created by CamelCase_data Expert on Jun 30, 2017

    When trying to keep data clean, you often need to be able to specify a more or less long list of characters that are sequential in Unicode.


    A typically case is



    However, when you need to handle a range of characters that is a lot longer, e.g. to include accentuated characters, or characters of a given language, typing out the characters one by one becomes impractical.


    It would be great to be able to specify a range of unicode characters, rather than have to enter each of the characters manually.

    A nice-to-have would be for the function would accept the most common Unicode notation:

    UnicodeRange ( "U+0041" ; "U+005A" ) // Capital A-Z

    but just a simple

    CharRange ( 65 ; 90 ) // Capital A-Z

    would work too.


    Even better would be to allow entering multiple ranges with a single function call:

    CharRange ( [65;90];[97;122])