Get (UserList), Get (UserAccessTypes)

Idea created by JoelStoner on Jul 2, 2017
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    Get (UserList) would return a list of UserAccounts logged in currently.


    Get (UserAccessTypes) would return how many users are logged in by access type: FMP, WebDirect, FMGo, and CWP.


    These could be combined into 1 function, but may be easier to parse if separate.


    Currently we have a need to count how many types of users are logged with with each method as we sell those access points separately - Access via FM is 1 price, via CWP / Data API is another. This can be done by running a shell script on the server that returns this info, but then the shell script needs to have server credentials within it or held as data in the FM file that passes it to the shell script, but both of these are potential security holes.