Filter Script List in Admin Console Schedule Assistant

Idea created by tweller860 on Jul 11, 2017
    • studietz
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    Add a filter/find box to the Schedule Assistant when setting up a server-side FileMaker Script Schedule. This would allow the admin to quickly filter the list of available scripts for the selected database instead of having to scroll through the entire list.


    When writing scripts for server-side execution, I organize the scripts into folders by module i.e. Estimates, Orders, etc. instead of grouping all server-side scripts together. I always include the prefix SRVR in the name of the script to indicate that it is intended to be run on the server. Being able to filter on this prefix, or other keyword in the script name, would be a great time saver when setting up a new schedule, especially in those files with a large number of scripts. This would be especially helpful when working with a file that has had a long life with many developers contributing to the file, resulting in a less-than-optimal organizational structure to the list of scripts.