Improve fields in layout objects palette

Idea created by scottworld on Jul 12, 2017

    In FileMaker Pro Advanced 16, there is a problem with the new layout objects palette.


    Please see attached screenshot.


    When showing a related field, the layout objects window only shows THE SECOND HALF of the relationship, which is the field name itself. But it doesn't actually show the FIRST HALF of the relationship... which is the table occurrence name.


    In order for the layout objects window to be a truly effective tool for us, we need to see the ENTIRE FIELD NAME (which includes BOTH the table occurrence AND the field name).


    When creating complex databases which go beyond the beginner level of development, the same exact field might appear in multiple different places on the layout... but shown through the viewpoint of multiple different relationships. This is ESPECIALLY LIKELY to happen if we have a tab panel or a slider panel on the layout -- because each tab panel or slide panel could be from the perspective of a completely different relationship.


    Therefore, we would really desire to see the ENTIRE FIELD NAME -- both the table occurrence AND the field name -- in order to distinguish which field name we are ACTUALLY looking at!


    Please and thank you. This is a super-high priority for us.