Admin Console for Mobile Devices

Idea created by bman2232 on Jul 13, 2017

    More often than not I am accessing the admin console through my iPhone. And while it technically works, it is a feat which requires a lot of scrolling around and zooming in and out to use it. I would like to see a mobile-friendly (if not mobile-first) design to the admin console in a future release. As noted by others, the mobile version of the admin console does not necessarily need to be able to perform all of the functions available in the full admin console. For example, I would not attempt to install an SSL certificate from a mobile browser.


    Examples of functions I might perform on a mobile browser:

    - Restart, Stop, or Start the database server.

    - View logs or real-time client statistics

    - Enable or disable logging of different events

    - View and/or edit schedules (primarily for backups)