In memory tables - or unstructured data

Idea created by thomasgpeters on Jul 15, 2017
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    I would like to see Filemaker add the capability for developers to create unstructured in memory data from a script.  The data would be referenced using a variable and may also be scoped.  The variable might be in the form of a scalar (a text, number, date, etc... type) or the form of a complex data type like an array or a class (complex data structure) and not be mapped to a predefined Filemaker table. Scopes would be 1. User scope 2. System scope 3. Tenant scope (Filemaker Server idea).


    This unstructured data would be the bases for more dynamic applications that would also help to increase performance for multiple user environments using scopes that improve performance by reducing the need for each users session to constantly access the endpoint to retrieve data within scripts.


    Thomas Peters - Imagery Business Systems LLC