Add Enter [x] Mode option to all script steps that can open a new window

Idea created by flybynight on Jul 17, 2017

    In FileMaker 16, we got the ability to specify a destination layout to all script steps that can open a new window (New Window, GTRR, etc.).

    This is a great convenience, and makes scripts much cleaner. But there are times when you want to control the potential loading of records that can occur when you change layouts. The most common example I can think of is in a scripted find routine. The accepted best practice is the following:

    New Window

    Enter Find Mode

    Go to Layout [x]


    Entering Find Mode before we go to the new layout/context prevents unnecessary downloading of record data from the server. The new options let us combine the 1st and 3rd steps, but leave out the 2nd. This forces us to stick to the old convention. If we could also have the option to specify the Mode, in addition to the Layout in New Window script steps, we could consolidate 3 steps into 1.


    This would also be useful for creating reports and PDFs.

    New Window [ Layout X ; Preview Mode ]