Script Workspace: script tab overflow menu(s) on the LEFT (+right)

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Jul 23, 2017
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    Given that my other idea Script Workspace: open new script tabs to the LEFT (FILO) has pretty much suffered a still birth yet I am still feeling I am fighting with the script tabs UX when too many scripts are open, I am proposing another (far better ;-)) solution here.


    I would find it MUCH easier to click through script hierarchies (and back) if the script tabs didn't change order, when the overflow menu is being shown.




    • The script tab overflow menu button should be moved to the LEFT-hand side of the tabs bar.
    • When there are too many scripts the tabs should move to the left and the menu is filled with the OLDEST scripts.






    • Greatly improved UX
    • All most recently opened scripts are visible
    • It is MUCH easier to click through script hierarchies - and back again
    • The tab titles remain in the correct order.
    • Scripts can be processed FILO


    Use Case


    • Command-Clicking through a script process (as alternative to using debugger to follow a script process)





    One consideration is what should happen when a user clicks on one of the old scripts in the overflow menu?

    If FileMaker just moved this tab into view, then the idea would not be that much better than what we already have, because it is the scrambling of the order of the tabs which makes it confusing.


    Idea extension


    Maybe we should consider the script tabs as if they were on a band that can be moved left and right - so that the tabs always remain in the same order.


    • Opening a new script opens a tab on the right moving the band to the left (as above).
    • Clicking on a script in the overflow menu on the left would move the band to the right until the script tab comes into view (at position 1) and would create an overflow menu on the right as necesssary, maybe something like this


    • Similarly, clicking on a script in the overflow menu on the right would move the band left until the script tab comes into view on the right.



    So, how about that?


    Happy FileMaking