In Layout Objects list, jump to active object in MIDDLE of list

Idea created by richardsrussell on Jul 29, 2017
    • Benjamin Fehr
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    • richardsrussell

    When I select an object on a layout, it lights up in the Layout Objects list, thus:


    Layout Objects.jpeg


    But it appears at the bottom of the list, which means that, if I want to see what's going on inside it, I have to click on the "▶︎" button to turn it into a "▼", but then the rest of the details about that object aren't visible unless I scroll the window. If the object would just appear in the middle of the list to begin with, instead of at the bottom, this nuisancesome extra scrolling action wouldn't be necessary.


    As an additional thot, perhaps simply selecting an object could have it automatically open up to show all its components to begin with.



    POSTSCRIPT EDITED IN: Golly, it would be nice if the "Specify Field" window also behaved this way. If anything, I use that one even more often than the "Layout Objects" window.