Get functions result as JSON

Idea created by OlivierDevriese on Aug 4, 2017

    It is more a general idea about Get calculation functions than a specific request…


    Each Get function that returns actually an array (or a single value but potentialy an array) could return the result in a "classic" format (the actual format for backward compatibility) or return a JSON string.


    Here is a simple suggestion for Get ( CurrentDate [; format] ):


         Get ( CurrentDate ; "classic" ) or Get ( CurrentDate ) could return 8/4/2017

         Get ( CurrentDate ; "JSON" ) could return:


         “date” : “8/4/2017”,

         “day” : 4,

         “month” : 8,

         “year” : 2017,

         “DayOfWeek” : 6,

         “TimeZone” : “GMT+2”,




    We can imagine as well having a generic GetInfo (  ) function for every architecture part of a file. For example, about layout: Get(LayoutAccess), Get(LayoutCount), Get(LayoutName), Get(LayoutNumber), Get(LayoutTableName), Get(LayoutViewState) could be merge in GetInfo ( "layout" ) and return a JSON string with all infos in it. This will simplify the actual long library of Get functions.


    Could be also applicable for ExecuteSQL function…