Export : Stop removing repeated values for related fields or grouped by exports

Idea created by Vincent_L on Aug 8, 2017
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    To my dismay, when you export related fields (in one to many relationship), the fields of the main table are only "printed" once, their repetition is then left blank.

    Worse, even in with all records belonging to the same "local" table, if you use the sorted + grouped by fields (to get the unique combinations), the resulting file will have the grouped fields only written once individually, with blanks afterwards.


    so if you sort by manufacturer,color,car model the following dataset :


    Chevrolet    blue     viper1

    Chevrolet    blue     viper2

    Chevrolet    blue     viper2

    Chevrolet    blue     viper3

    Chevrolet    blue     viper3



    rather than having the useful :


    Chevrolet    blue     viper1

    Chevrolet    blue     viper2

    Chevrolet    blue     viper3


    you get the unusable :










    Obviously, the resulting files are completely unusable (except looking more legible to the human eye). I know some techniques to avoid the related table issue, but they're highly cumbersome, and not applicable for the second case



    I understand that this feature is deeply rooted in filemaker history (for some unfathomable logic), but we're in 2017 and we deserver to have useful exports. Of course make that an option (even though I deeply thing that making it default would do a huge service to all the newbies out there)



    P.S : I know I can, thanks to SQL, get the result I want. But that's:

    - Slower

    - Not easy for regular people to grasp.


    P.S.2 : If you've a better thread title, I'll happily change it :-)