Print Data and PDF as one document

Idea created by programm on Aug 11, 2017
    • programm

    Task: To create a report for printing containing on the first and second page FileMaker-Data, on the following pages external PDFs.

    Plattform: FileMaker 16 on Windows 10 and FileMaker Server



    At present we have 4 different documents that are printed all separately. This takes up to 10 minutes! Some are generated by FileMaker, some are PDFs which could easily be placed into container fields.

    I have tried to create a report with the FileMaker-data on the first and second page, which was of course no problem. However, my idea to place interactive container on the following pages did not work. The PDFs are shown in the browse mode but not in the preview mode (--> PDF container not previewing or printing ).


    If the PDFs could be previewed and printed that would be perfect!


    Alternatively it should be possible to append the PDF of a container field to a PDF generated by FileMaker.


    Thanks for any help.


    (Print Data and PDF as one document )