Need a Real SQL Tool / SQL Enhancements

Idea created by fmpdude on Aug 12, 2017

    In a hopefully not-to-distant FMP SQL tool, please add/improve the current FMP SQL implementation, to ...


    0. Fix the issue where the first ExecuteSQL takes, often, a VERY long time to execute. FMI: it's only the FIRST query run that matters to anyone.


    1. Enter SQL without ExecuteSQL -- just enter SQL statements. (ExecuteSQL would still be supported in Data Viewer, scripts, etc., naturally)


    2. Return actual (and re-sizable) columns from SQL (no CHAR(9) or other chores needed in current Data Viewer implementation).


    3. Be able to export returned data directly from SQL "window" (tool) to common formats:

    •      CSV
    •      TEXT
      • (tab delimited, user-chose number of spaces delimited, and user-chosen delimiter (for example, "|")
    •      Excel
    •      HTML
    •      JSON
    •      DBASE

    (including column headings as options, naturally)


    4. Implement INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE so FMP has same SQL capabilities as its JDBC and SQL plug-ins do.


    5. Be able to save SQL to a layout.


    6. Have SQL more capable (not hang machines, be faster, ...) with queries using GROUP BY.


    7. Other query options like LIKE need to be faster too.