Consistency for QuickFind in FMP and WebDirect

Idea created by JoelStoner on Aug 12, 2017

    Currently (because Custom Menus are non-existent in WD), we have to reduce all of our Privilege Sets to "Allow Editing Only", to force users to use 'home made' buttons for basic record functions as we need scripts to 'take over' those functions to perform important steps. Not only does this Priv Set setting (unfortunately) remove the most commonly used function keys (Command-F, Command-N, Command-E, Command-J, etc) from power users in FMP, this also makes the "QuickFind" field in FMP un-enterable, while oddly it remains usable in WD.


    So... now we need to have a redundant new field on most of our layouts to perform the QuickFind search (as it's not usable in FMP, and Command-F is gone), but we also have to hide it for WD users, as that field IS usable there....


    Please - give some love to this very basic and critically important area ASAP!