Built-in search for multiples values passed in the search field

Idea created by Vincent_L on Aug 20, 2017
    • Vincent_L



    Very often end users need to search for multiple values, like a list of SKU.


    But to realize that you've to :

    - enter Find mode,

    - enter first value in a field,

    - then create new search request (something not easy for users to understand),

    - then enter second value and so on.

    ... And then perform search.


    That's workable, if the user knows how, if you've 2-3 values to search but if you've tens it becomes super-cumbersome.

    Of course you can script it, either mimicking that behavior, or using a GTRR with a multi key (if that's keys indeed).

    But that's not universal, not always there in any table.


    Yet, that's an highly frequent need, for every user kind, newbies to experienced devs. It's a very simple need, but the solution is not that simple and is time consuming to implement for such a basic generic need.


    So I ask that to be built-in, for every user to benefit from, in any table.


    That would be very easy to implement for FMI.

    When the user puts return delimited values as a search criteria, a pop-up dialog pops/up asking the user if they want to search "only records matching all those values, or if he wants to find all records matching any". Very understandable, an straightforward


    Of course, that would be scriptable, a boolean in regard to the search file to specify it.

    Default would be of course current behavior.


    FMI could even probably optimize the search, only transversing all the records once (if not indexed), or get all the indexed records in one go.


    this would considerably help the ease of use of filemaker, and boost user productivity.