Built-in clipboard copy of all found set values / aggregate of a particular field

Idea created by Vincent_L on Aug 20, 2017
    • Hemant Kumar Patel
    • WillM.Baker
    • Vincent_L



    End users often need to copy all the values of a particular field for a found set in the clipboard, to use in another program (for instance SKUs)

    Yes you can do exports, yes you can script it etc, but that's just cumbersome.


    Having a contextual menu item that reads "copy all content of that field", that would just copy the content of this fields for each records of the current fondest separated by returns, would be very useful.


    Better yet, thier could be a sub contextuel menu reading "Aggregate Foundset Field" with several aggregation types listed :


    The usual Average, Count, List, Max, Min, StDev, StDevP, Sum, Variance, VarianceP,

    AND a new unique one (which will only list unique values)



    That function would just be a wrapper of a new function AggregateList(data;aggregation_type) function for foundset field / variable  that would allow dev to do the same thing programatically.