Free FilemakerReader App, to make filemaker a sharing file format

Idea created by Vincent_L on Aug 22, 2017



    When I debuted Filemaking, I though that the runtime thing was to there to share database files to non fiilemaker users. But I understood it wasn't meant for that due to the added size, and the cumbersome way to generate it.


    I was enthusiastic about Filemaker, and it pissed me off to have to generate lousy excel files, rather than my neat database, to share its content with the world. Especially as a read only file would have worked 95% of the time.


    That reminded me Acrobat, and how before Adobe released a free pdf reader nobody used it, and all of a sudden when a free reader app was put on market it took off.


    If the platform would have had a Free FilemakerReader App, considerably more users would have known about it, and the platform would be much bigger.


    Maybe it's too late, but it would be nice to have, our exports would be much nicer.


    I understand it's a 180° turn for their licensing strategy, but to appease the accountant I'd say :


    - Make this practically read only : only allow editing of existing records, and/or limit new visible record creation count to 100. Visible means having a layout displaying the records (related invisible table could create more, or the same amount of the existing records + 100, allowing 1 to 1 relationship).

    This would allow the file usage, and moderate editing which is mostly what people do 90% of the time with excel.

    - No updates, so no imports

    - Export to excel allowed

    - No networking

    - Of course no layout / scrip /schema editing.