Improved Data Viewer

Idea created by Johan Hedman on Aug 23, 2017

    In Data Viewer I would like to have a new tab called "Perform". This new tab should have two possiblities


    1. Perform commando line actions like we can do against FileMaker Server with pre-written functions. This could look like

         fmsadmin <<ip-address to FMS>> list files              that would give me a list of all open files on a specific FileMaker Server


    2. Perform actions inside FileMaker Pro Advanced. Think of this scenario. You are running a script and end up having a statistic field on a layout that starts to sum all records. This might be a very long wait if you have many records. If you script had Allow User Abort ( Off ) you can not finish this and have to wait or force kill FileMaker Pro Advanced.  Here I would like to have a few predefined actions that you can use

         Cancel summary - to be used in above example

         Stop script - To stop a loop that by fault had no exit

         Close window - Close a Dialog/Card window that have no close button

         xxx - there could be more of this actions


    This would add very useful functionality to the Data Viewer that in my point right now just is a Calculation Tool Box.


    Skärmavbild 2017-08-23 kl. 08.59.23.png




    Also have a look at taylorsharpe ideas on how to improve Data viewer

    Improve Data Viewer