Layout Object improvement: need ability to select multiple objects

Idea created by scottworld on Aug 25, 2017
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    The new "layout object" palette in FileMaker Pro 16 is great, because it allows us (for the first time ever in FileMaker Pro!) to select an individual item within a group of objects, WITHOUT the need for ungrouping that object first!


    This is a huge timesaver, particularly if that group of objects is a button that performs a script!! For example, if we want to change the conditional formatting of a field which is embedded within a group of objects which is a scripted button, now we can do it quickly & easily via the "layout object" palette! No need to ungroup, confirm the ungrouping, change the field, regroup, reassign the button, reassign the script, etc. Big timesaver!!


    HOWEVER -- there is a flaw with this new layout object palette. The layout object palette only lets you select ONE INDIVIDUAL ITEM within a group at a time. You cannot select multiple items, if even one of those items is within a group.


    So, if you want to select 5 different fields (all of them part of grouped buttons), and you want to change the conditional formatting on all 5 fields at the same time, you're out of luck. You either have to go back to the old way (ungroup everything, then regroup everything, then reassign everything), or you have to go through each individual field one-at-a-time. So we're back to the old way of things taking a lengthy time.


    More details on this behavior here:

    Re: Small bug in FMPA 16 with selecting multiple fields


    So it would be great if FileMaker allowed us to select multiple individual fields via the layout object palette -- even if those individual fields were embedded within groups.