Allow field search/sort through mouse context menu when "Find Mode" is checked.

Idea created by electric_soul on Sep 9, 2017

    Hello everybody


    The following feels like a bug that should be fixed.


    • Common scenario
      • In list view you do not want the user to enter any fields. Only scrolling allowed. So you use the inspector and uncheck the option "Browse mode" for all fields. The user is left with scrolling only. Nice.
        But with the "Browse mode" unchecked he/she cannot use the sort/search functions, which are usually available through the mouse context menu! Even though the "find mode" option is activated. This makes no sense.
    • Problem
      • If you are allowed to go into find mode and search every field that has the "find mode" option checked, then you should also be able to search the same fields in Browse mode too, using the mouse context menu. No matter if the fields "browse mode" option is unchecked.
    • Idea
      • In Browse Mode, when "find mode" for a field is checked and "browse mode" is unchecked, allow the user to use the search and sort functions through the mouse context menu.
    • Advantages
      • The developer does not necessarily have to add buttons to each column, for the user to be able to sort a column using the mouse context menu.
      • The developer does not have to rely on unpretty hacks to deny data modification in a field, just because the developer wants the user to search a field using the mouse context menu.
      • The user can quickly, without typing, search for records.
      • The user can quickly sort records.




    This screenshot illustrates what I mean.

    Both fields (company and group) have the "find mode" option checked. The field "company" has the "browse mode" checked and can be searched using the context menu of the mouse. The field "group" has the "browse mode" unchecked cannot be searched.




    Thanks, Robert